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EG Community is an organization based on Gaming. It contains an entire community, esports teams & content creators. We unite gaming enthusiasts from all regions and try to make their virtual life more colourful.

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Our Story

EG Community ("Enthusiastic Gamers Community") is a gaming organization. Built at the intersection of competitive gaming, entertainment, and a entire community, EG Community was founded in 2020 by "Glady" also known as "TheCupNoodle", co-founded by "spoidy". During the quarantine period, EG Community was founded to unite gamers from all regions having enthusiasm in common and make gaming better with new companions. People through various parts of India started joining EG Community Discord Server and that's how it started. With a dream of competing in Esports and introducing Team EG as a premiere esports team, Glady made his team with ADInfinity, Pravas & spoidy and participated in multiple tournaments including Apex Legends Aorus Cup, Apex Legends Tri-Nation Series (Glady didn't play that Tournament due to some issues), Apex Legends India Cup. After a few months, having a bunch of competitive players, EG Community formed their Apex Legends & VALORANT roster, which are now participating in almost all Apex Legends and VALORANT Online Tournaments in Asia. By the end of 2020, after reaching enough people, EG Community started Apex Legends weekend custom matches online. Getting a really good response in the beginning, VALORANT custom matches were also started. Later, in the beginning of 2021, EG Community organized their First ever Apex Legends Tournament. Currently it is one of the popular Communities in the SEA Region.

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What we do

Our goal is to keep uniting gaming enthusiasts and growing the community. We shall keep organizing our Customs, Tournaments and other Events. We also share gaming contents through our Content Creators, to uplift the Contents of our Creators and entertain the audience are the targets. We want to push our competitive players to the place they deserve.

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