Jyotishko Roy

Member of EG for Apex Legends

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My name is Jyotishko Roy. I am a College Student/ Part-time Gamer from Kolkata, India. I love gaming and mostly making Gaming Content, more than that entertaining people and motivative (if I can) to follow their Dreams. I started this channel last year streaming CSGO, that's how I got 1.8K Followers. My PC drops frames when I stream Apex Legends so streaming is not that consistent now. I have been playing Apex Legends since Season 5 or 6 mostly and fell in love with the movement and mechanics. I am No.1 Wraith in India for Season 7 Kills(9K), Not a big thing just letting you guys know. Link below.
Streams are very positive and packed with Fun. I participate in Tournaments and love the Competitive Scene of Apex Legends. I love to chill with my Friends and have fun till that extend that we start throwing every game. I am down to play with my followers and viewers.